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Etia Creations label night w. JOHANNES HEIL – Live (Exile, Cocoon, Figure – Frankfurt, GER), 11.3.2016 @ Klub K4, Ljubljana

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It is being whispered around, that with „The Black Light“ album, Johannes Heil puts Techno music back in the direction, it needs to go. He chooses the words of fellow futurist Nikola Tesla to set the stage of the Black Light story: “Black is the true face of Light, only we do not see this”.
Everything that we perceive is processed and set into relation with past memories, digested emotions and iron-branded impressions. Battling the current, Johannes Heil chooses to challenge certitudes by forcing us out of our comfort zones into the absence of light. The absense of light as such, could hardly be interpreted better than experiencing blured dimensions of main floor on a techno night in club K4. Get ready for a special pure heads-down driving techno with volumes of grandiose. Mr. Johannes Heil is coming to town.

Main room:
Johannes Heil Live | EXILE., Cocoon, Figure • – Frankfurt, GER
Forest People Live | Planet Rhythm, Credo – Prnjavor, BIH
Alex Long Live | Great Stuff Recordings, Etia Creations
Ian Green | Etia Creations
Skeletonium Live | Skeletonium

Small room:
Stanny Abram | Great Stuff, Toolroom Records, Etia Creations
Alenia | Terminal M Records, Missile Records
Evident Live | Soundhitectures
Pohalino | Zavod Kru

Early bird (until January 31st ) -10€
Presale (February 1st – March 4th ) – 13€
Full price – 15€
Presale starts on January 15th.
Age limit: 18+

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