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ETIA001 – Shoxy – Give Love Back ( incl. Arno Gonzalez Remix)

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ETIA001 - Shoxy - Give Love Back EP
ETIA001 – Shoxy – Give Love Back EP

Shoxy – Give Love Back EP

First release on revived Etia Creations is signed by Shoxy, who once again proved that he is one of the most prosperous producers Serbia has to offer at the moment. Give Love Back is a special track, which, we believe, will find its way to a number of different dancefloors, from house to tech-house, from progressive and electro to techno and minimal. It`s cleverly composed elements with subtle male vocals are mixed in a way that can be widely manipulated behind the decks. With the atmosphere it creates it has all the potential to become a true floor killer.
Remix contributed by Arno Gonzalez, a well know producer and promoter from Angers, France, is a totally different story, compared to original. He used his knowledge and took his time to deliver more acid version of Give Love Back. Its mysterious sounds and techy elements give us a unique experience, which combined with intelligent progression of the track, create complete madness on the dancefloor.


1. Shoxy – Give Love Back
2. Shoxy – Give Love Back – Arno Gonzalez Remix
Release date: June 24, 2015
Label: Etia Creations
Catalogue number: ETIA001

Written and produced by:
1. Nenad Petronijevic,
2. Nenad Petronijevic, remixed by Arnaud Gonzalez.

Artwork credits: Rok Radobuljac

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