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ETIA002 – Santosh Khan – Mind In The Clouds (incl. Steve Mac remix)

  • July 24, 2015
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  • Label: Etia Creations

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Santosh Khan – Mind In The Clouds EP + Steve Mac Remix

If you are up for tech-house track with deep baseline and progressive drive in the background, spiced up with clear and dreamy vocals, you might have just found a perfect track for you. Santosh Khan, a Swiss producer hailing from India, delivered a thoughtful, intelligently composed track with carefully selected elements, that can fit into different dancefloors.

Steve Mac, a well known producer and a DJ from the UK, re-edited Mind In The Clouds into his own version. He produced a bit more techy final product with clear house baseline that dictates the tempo through whole track. It is, like the original, spiced up with progressive atmosphere and vocals in a more subtle way.

1. Santosh Khan – Mind In The Clouds
2. Santosh Khan – Mind In The Clouds – Steve Mac Remix

Release date: July 24, 2015
Label: Etia Creations
Catalogue number: ETIA002

Written and produced by:
1. Santosh Ritter
2. Santosh Ritter remixed by Steve Mac.

Artwork credits: Rok Radobuljac

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