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Fluid Architecture #7: Etia Creations presents Blasch

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Blasch is one of those Slovenian electronic music artists, who can be easily labeled as an “old school dj” in the best possible way. Not just because he has been around the house music scene for more than 22 years, but because of his attitude towards music. He is a passionate audiophile, long time vinyl collector and superb DJ. This mix summes all those facts up into 60 minute musical journey. He literally makes love with music in this one as he jumps from one track to another while building the set up. Pure beauty. Enjoy!


01. Adam Port & Stereo MC’s – Place
02. &ME – Birdland
03. Art Department – Catch You By Surprise ( &ME Terrace Dub )
04. Redbrook – Fred P Reshape
05. Jaspar Dahlback & Krome – The Real Jazz
06. Hip – Flexer ( Original Mix )
07. Mr. G – Flexable ( Original Mix )
08. Hans Thalau – Woody
09. Christopher Rau – Swearing ( Vinyl Version )
10. Dani Casarano, Felipe Valenzuela – Instinct ( Original Mix )
11. Radio Slave – The Clone Wars ( Tools )
12. Rebelski – The Rift Valley ( Luciano Remix )

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