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Fluid Architecture #8: Etia Creations presents Nakadia

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We are truly delighted to have an oppurtunity to dedicate this months`s podcast slot to Nakadia (Get Physical, Ants Ibiza).

Nakadia is a deep house/tech house/techno princess living in Berlin, hailing from Thailand, where in the past years she`s been struggling to spread techno music around, and suceedeed at it. With far more than 100 profilic bookings around the world each year, one of the busiest girls in industry at the moment has it all; infinite energy, she shares with her audience, outstanding production skills and perfectly accurate mixing abilities which combined, guarantee you a performance you will want to re-live over and over again.

This mix is no different. Endless drive, right after dubby intro with subtle vocals, will transfer you to some other place, while music selection vith various diverse elements will just play with your feelings all the way until the dreamy ending of this set gently puts you back down to reality.
Push play and enjoy the ride and don`t forget to come hear her play live in Ljubljana, November 6th, Klub K4!

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