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Interview with our label night guest: Nakadia (Get Physical, United Ants), Thailand/Berlin

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1. You are constantly on the road and in the sky, spinning records allover the world. Without using google, what related to electronic music do you know of Slovenia? 🙂

I know a few things about Slovenia. I know the music of Stanny Abram and I know that you have one of the top clubs in Europe, Ambassada Gavioli. In 2009 I also played at a great party in some Slovenian Castle which I still remember today.

2. There is no doubt you are talented as hell when it comes to music and it is pleasure to hear you and watch you play. But it is hard to believe, anyone could succeed without certain help over the years. Who are key figures in your career so far and who do you thank, helped you so far?

Unfortunately I never had a real help like most others that made it big in the past years. It was super hard work for me. I am now touring for 13 years and I built my name step by step, gig by gig with over 1200 performances in 61 countries. I always hoped that one day, at some party somebody important would hear me and would change my life. It took until my performance at Sankeys Ibiza 2013, when somebody from ANTS heard my set and the next day I was invited to become a part of the ANTS Family. I still had to wait until the next season, but joining the biggest party of Ibiza was a major step for my career. Then, In the beginning of this year Sven Väth supported me by playing with me at my party on Koh Samui, Thailand. Now all is going so fast and I get requests every day from all corners of the world – the schedule is filling up by itself and I don’t have to worry anymore. But I can say that I did it by myself without any shortcuts. And I am proud of that.

3. You provided some really good tunes in past years. Which tracks you produced are you most proud of and what are you working on right now?

I am on tour all the time and have nearly no time for studio work, so in terms of productions I am still not there where I want to be, but getting closer now! The last rmx I did for me & her – “lost” was quite a big success and I am really happy with the track. Yesterday I finished a rmx for Phonic Scoup – “Baltics” and I am very happy with the track again. I think now I am on the right way with my sound. At the moment I am working on my second Get Physical EP and also a powerful EP that will hopefully be released on one of the big techno labels in 2016.


4. Can you point out 3 best gigs so far in your carrer and explain why they are important to you?

My best gig must be my event with Sven Väth last February on Koh Samui. The music, location and atmosphere was just perfect. This was also a milestone in my career because there were so many important promoters and club owners from all over the world on the dance floor and I received the best bookings of my career after this party. One of them was “Family Piknik festival” in Montpellier France last summer. Another highlight in my career. My playtime was in between Dubfire and Jamie Jones, so what more can an artist wish for. A bit longer ago – in 2006 – was the last Berlin Loveparade. A performance I will never forget, playing in between 2 million people. I was so lucky that I had the chance to be part of it before the Loveparade died.

5. Who do you respect most as an artist?

Sven Väth! What this man has done in his life and how much power and energy he still has – that is amazing! He is the real legend for me and his understanding of music is unique. He is a very intelligent business man as well, so Sven is a role model for me in every sense.

5. You live in Berlin now. Why did you choose Berlin and what do you find in that city to inspire you?

Berlin is actually the only city in Europe that gives EU-Resident permits to successful artists. This made the choice easy, but I also would have chosen Berlin if it was not about the visa. The city is just so full of inspiration. Many international artists live here and have their studios here. I can get studio support or inspiration any time. I remember 2 years ago I tried to learn German in school, but instead of sitting in the class, there was always something more interesting going on – visiting Pan Pot at their new Riverside Studios, joining the office Party at Beatport or checking out the latest equipment at the Native Instruments headquarters. Of course Berlin is also great for clubbing, but the past 3 years I not even had time for that anymore.

6. We read in your biography, that you hail from Thailand, poor village where you had no running water where you lived. To give our readers an impression, what your life was like, can you discribe us how your average week looked like before year 2000 and how it looks like today?

It’s is 2 different worlds between then and now. In the year 2000 I would get up around 11 and then get ready to work. I would open my internet cafe at 12 noon and be there until the closing time at 2am. After that I would go to a club called “fun” – it was right next to my apartment and the music was so loud that there was no chance to sleep anyway, so I better stay at the club until it closed at 6am. Then home and sleeping until 11. This was my daily routine – 7 days a week. Today on a normal week I will arrive back in Berlin on a sunday evening. Monday I keep it slow and quite, sleep long and do some shopping. Tuesday I check out the new releases and update my playlist, answer emails and check the booking situation for the next weekend. The rest of the day I will be on the computer working on new ideas for tracks. Wednesday and Thursday I also try to take studio time as much as I can but often I also have to answer interviews, do mixes for radio stations and keep my Facebook up to date. Normally I leave Berlin on friday morning for the weekend gigs. But sometimes the weekend already starts on Thursday or – like last week – even on wednesday, No week is the same anymore and specially during the summer months I am only home for maybe 2 days per month.

7. Your message to the fans in Slovenia?

I can’t wait to be back after 6 years. I hope you all come and party with me on friday November 6. Lets have a great journey through tech house and techno! 🙂

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